22 July 2019

Roma Capitale rally: hat-trick for the Abarth 124 rally in the ERC2 European Championship


  • Success for the Polish Dariusz Polonski and Lukasz Sitek, before the Italians Zelindo Melegari with Corrado Bonato and Andrea Nucita with Bernardo Di Caro in ERC2 and Abarth Rally Cup.
  • In the ERC2 European Championship total ranking Melegari is in the front row before Nucita and Polonski.
  • In the Abarth Rally Cup Nucita is at the top of the rank of the championship with just one point of advantage before Polonski.


Once again the Roma Capitale Rally - fifth race of the ERC2 European Championship, fourth race of the Abarth Rally Cup and fifth appointment of the FIA R-GT cup - was very positive for the Abarth 124 rally, as the Polish Dariusz Polonski and Lukasz Sitek, from Rallytechnology team succeeded, before the Italians Zelindo Melegari with Corrado Bonato and Andrea Nucita with Bernardo Di Caro, both from the Bernini Rally team.
For Polonski this is the first seasonal success, after two second places in the Lepaja rally of Latvia and Poland. Melegari was actually at his debut on the Scorpio's spider, thanks to which he has been able to lead the general rank of the ERC2 European Championship, in which he is now before Polonski. Nucita, after being the leading champion, with special stage's times of great relevance, got a third place in the rank, even though he keeps leading the Abarth Rally Cup's rank, with just one point of advantage on Polonski.
It was indeed Nucita to lead the start of the first stage, with a very high rhythm. In the last special stage of the day he was lingered by a technical problem, leading him to a furious come back in the second stage that did not however allow him to get to the second place.
Dariusz Polonski (Rallytechnology): "I am very happy about the result. The race was very fast and very suitable for the Abarth 124, I have a very good feeling with the car now. Lots of spectators, very welcoming".
Zelindo Melegari (Bernini Rally): "I found the Abarth 124 rally to be very efficient in these kind of paths. In this race I tried to learn how to drive it and finally I managed to keep the second place".
Andrea Nucita (Bernini Rally): "We demonstrated the great competitiveness of our car on these kind of paths, in which we can be very close to the all-wheel drive turbo. The result is positive for the championship".
The Roma Capitale Rally was also the fifth race of the FIA R-GT cup, of which the Abarth 124 Rally is currently the champion with the French Raphael Astier. This year the success of an Abarth pilot is certain, since the first three places of general rank of the championship has Abarth pilots, in order Enrico Brazzoli, whom, with his 3 successes scores 75 points, followed by Dariusz Polonski with 25 points and Zelindo Melegari with 18 points.


Ranking Abarth Rally Cup after Rally di Roma Capitale: 1. Nucita (ITA) 77; 2. Polonski-Sitek (POL)76; 3.Monarri-Chamorro (SPA) 25; 4. Garcia Perez-Diaz Negrin (SPA) e Zelindo Melegari (ITA) 18; 6. Nitišs-Kulšs(LVA) 15.
Ranking European Championship ERC2 after Rally di Roma Capitale: 1. Zelindo Melegari (ITA) Abarth 101; 2. Andrea Nucita (ITA) Abarth and Dariusz Polonski (POL) Abarth 90; 4. Juan Carlos Alonso (ARG) Mitsubishi 84; 5. Mashari Altefiri (KWT) Mitsubishi 48.
Ranking FIA R-GT Cup after Rally di Roma Capitale: 1. Enrico Brazzoli (ITA) Abarth 75; 2. Dariusz Polonski (POL) Abarth 25; 3. Zelindo Melegari (ITA) Abarth e Petr Nesetril (CZE) Porsche 18; 5. Alberto Sassi (ITA) 15.


Turin, 22 July 2019



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