24 May 2018

Abarth Days 2018: Seven Exciting Meetings for Scorpion Fans in Europe


  • Seven appointments in Europe. After the first on May 5 in Austria, the tour will land in Portugal, France, the UK, Spain, Italy and Germany.
  • Seven exciting meeting to experience all the Abarth world. The best opportunity to get together with other fans, drive your Abarth on the racing track and test drive the latest additions to the Abarth line-up. "Let's Play Again!", the video manifesto of the community Abarth, can be watched here.
  • The Abarth community currently counts over 100,000 members and is active in 10 countries.
  • Ticket presales are open on the www.abarthday.com website.


Seven appointments on seven race tracks across Europe are in store this year for the greatest tour for Abarth fans ever.


The first event was held on May 5 in Austria and the programme will be continue until September. The 2018 tour is more exciting than ever. The 100,000 Scorpionship members, who got together last year during the Abarth Days 2017, will be meeting up again for the stages of the refreshed 2018 tour to experience another day of fun and adrenaline-fuelled activities. The undisputed stars of the tour will be the Abarth cars of today and yesterday available for exiting test drives on the racing track and on the roads surrounding the circuit. The spotlight will also be trained on the Abarth 595 and the Abarth 124 spider, in addition to several valuable vintage models made from 1949.


Areas showcasing the current Abarth line-up and the stunning classic cars will be set up on each circuit. These are some of the famous race cars that made motorsport history as a result of the ingenuity of Karl Abarth, who turned his passion for racing and continual research for better performance also to standard production cars. His goal was to turn normal cars into something extraordinary. Plenty of space will also be dedicated to the Abarth Clubs - 40 across Europe - that will have meeting places for their members and be able to reach out to visitors who have not joined yet.


On each circuit, activities will be staged for Abarth fans of all ages in the entertainment area during the entire event. One of the most exciting activity will be that of sitting as co-driver next to a professional rally driver to experience the spectacular performance of the Abarth 124 rally. Furthermore, all Abarth owners can drive their cars on the racing track. Tickets are available for presales online.


Finally, Mopar®, official partner for FCA aftersales services, will be present at all events of the European tour. Mopar® Express Care, the innovative authorised mobile service developed by Mopar®, will offer an array of services, such as check-ups and electronic diagnostic procedures, scheduled maintenance operations (filters, brakes, battery, lights, oil), climate control system maintenance, tyre service, window replacement and repair, passenger compartment sanitation and installation of genuine accessories in addition to special benefits and promotions especially for the event. Visitors to the Mopar® area will also be able to see and buy a wide range of accessories, such as the Record Monza exhaust, the Esseesse rim kit, the Abarth Koni suspension kit, pedal sets and sporty gear knobs.


Abarth fans can pick from several ticket types for each stage of the Abarth Day 2018 tour according to their interests. "The Scorpionship" members enjoy up to 50% discounts.
To access the Abarth community, currently active in 10 countries and counting over 100,000 members, users can simply sign up free of charge on the scorpionship.abarth.com. website.


2018 Calendar

  • 5 May - Salzburgring (Austria)
  • 2 June - Ouest Parisien (France)
  • 23 June - Vasco Sameiro Circuit (Portugal)
  • 30 June - Rockingham Motor Speedway (UK)
  • 30 June - Ascari Circuit - Malaga (Spain)
  • August - Baden Airpak (Germany)
  • September - Italy


Turin, 24 May 2018



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